Phidelix Technologies Corporation

Products and Services

  • PEF
    Paper Equivalent Forms are a revolutionary way of processing and managing transaction forms and documents traditionally handled in paper form due to regulatory restrictions.
    Wireless Alarm and Monitoring and Data Acquisition System enables up-to-date information on the status of the equipments used to monitor an entire production process. 
  • Custom Digital Solutions
    Phidelix can effectively deliver virtually any web-based custom application that your organization may need.

Value Proposition

Regulatory compliant electronic forms solutions designed to:

  • provide real-time data mining and analysis 
  •  timely mission critical decisions (OEE, PCA’s)
  •  avoid retraining by adopting current processes
  •  provide perpetual tamper-proof audit trials
  •  comply with all relevant electronic records regulations
  •  provide a cost effective solution
  •  leverage on robust generic infrastructure to provide 
  •   fast deployment

Phidelix Headlines

Phidelix debuts at Interphex Expo 2007 San Juan.

Phidelix was awarded the EnterPRize 2006 Third Prize, an entrepreneurship competition organized by Mckinsey & Company in the Guayacán Center for Global Entrepreneurship.

Contact Information

Bienvenido Vélez, PhD
President and CEO

Tel: 787-918-7441
Fax: 888-865-2110

Address: 177 Balboa Street La Quinta Industrial Site Mayagüez, PR 00680
Postal Address:  PO Box 3387 Marina Station Mayagüez, PR 00681-3387